Hi Iā€™m Celia! A fun, outgoing canceo (cancer/leo cusp) from the midwest!

I grew up always admiring the luxe life and loving all things brunch, pretty and boutique. I also have a natural affinity to teach. From a young age I would line my dolls up and teach them everything I knew (at the time was just things from random books) I loved education and learning new things #bookworm.

But the only dilemma is I never saw myself teaching in a traditional sense in a school. So whats a girl to do? Well thank goodness we live in the times of online education so I began blogging. At first it was about fitness but as I grew my knowledge of other things and love of learning more I soon began branching out to other avenues as my life and world view grew.

I began taking different courses and getting licensed in different fields including fitness, finance and cosmetology (I can round brush like a boss.) I truly have a passion for learning.

As I began on my ventures I started educating via fb lives and instagram to my audience. I grew a great tribe and absolutely love how its grown and how women have come together all around the world through my courses and groups.

In 2018 my world was rocked. I came down with debilitating chronic illness that ultimately left me bed-ridden and missing out on life. I felt as if I was dying from the inside out. I came to find out that it was my 5 year old breast implants that were making me extremely ill and close to death.

I found a doctor in Indiana and got an explant (check my Youtube videos for more info on this) After my explant I figured I would be in top health but NOOOOO! I got WORSE! What the heck, right?

Turns out this lead me to a 6 month deep dive research into the human body, lymph system, detoxing cellularly (and safely) to detox myself from mercury, arsenic, cadmium, thallium, candida and more of the bad guys living inside me (moochers of my health!)

I learned a lot about holistic health and how the body can heal naturally through science and ancient practices and wisdom.

I began to heal.

Then I began to help others to feel better too by sharing my experience.

I decided to enroll in school to get my functional health certificate and detox certification.

My passion lies in education, events and networking and creating content (I love video editing and photography.) I have always loved writing as well and plan to do more with blogging and possibly even publishing a book in the future. At the end of the day I smile when I get messages, meet people and have clients who have had amazing transformations or have had a change in mindset/lifestyle/health through the work I have worked to create.

I have fallen in love with helping others to optimize this life we have here on earth. Because nothing feels better than living well.

My mission is to empower people to live extremely vital and feeling AMAZING!

When I am not working I love Bible journaling (washi tape addict), Bullet journaling, painting, hanging with friends, shopping& fashion, new food experiences, travel, wine, music, events, volunteering and hanging out with my Sphynx cat Lord Wellington.

I hope you get value from this website!

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I do all my Youtubes and IG out of passion and pour my soul into creating quality work. I spend a lot of time and my own resources on the channels and many people have asked how they can energetically give back for the work I do which is a true blessing! All contributions to further the channel are graciously appreciated!