Beauty Hacks


We all seek silky beautiful strands, glowing spa-worthy skin. and a body like a statue (strong and solid in self love whatever that looks like)

The reality is theres a lot of freaking products out there that can get confusing and honestly just drain us dry.

So what’s the deal? What’s the skinny?

I have lurked in the beauty world for many years always floating in and out of it but ultimately drawn to it like a Chanel bag to an IG influencer. Its just inevitable that I always find myself back at the beauty bar trying it all.

So lets get down to business and look good naked shall we?

One of my most favorite products for the body are ones that shape and contour while detoxing and firming the skin. I am alllll about the detox! So add some lemon to your water and lets get to business shall we!

First things first-I am not in this MLM but I noticed the MLM does sell direct on Amazon so that’s always an option since it comes from the source, for cheaper pricing feel free to email me and I can set you up with my dealer I buy direct from! I have tried many many manyyyy essential oil brands but by far Doterra is my favorite it smells the best and appears to be the purest formulas on the market. They even allow for internal use which many (due to synthetic reasons) cannot be used for. Since this article is about Amazon finds I am going to feature the ones on Amazon for your shopping convenience here is what I add to my water daily and what I take for my detox for glowing skin and a smaller waist internally.

These are some of my favorites:

Photo by  Nik MacMillan  on  Unsplash

Dry Brushing

You have probably heard about it. I am a HUGE HUGE fan of dry brushing. It circulates the skin and wakes it up while exfoliating the skin and draining the lymph. Start at the feet and brush in upward strokes all the way up your body towards your kidneys and your drain sites (Armpits, pelvic area, kidneys and where the collar bones come together)

There’s a huge reason many top spas use this method in their top services! So twist your hair up in a top knot bun and lets get to business!

Bonus points for adding a deep conditioner on and letting that soak in while you self care <3

The best way to do the lymph drainage is to then sauna or steam room after! Drink lots of lemon water (Use the drops above to avoid having to cut lemons daily and for those busy mamas on the go)


Massage Pals

I absolutely am a fan of all things that look good on the bathroom or bedroom counter tops.

Anything crystal or white/pastel/girly decor delights the senses and up levels every room.

So here’s my fav crystal tools.

Gua Sha-A must have! Sculpt the face in lovely fashion with these tools. Just use a little oil and relax while moving the skin up and to the outer parts of the face. This sculpts the skin giving it contour.

Jade and Rose Roller-Easy to use and can be used over makeup (hello nice pick-me-up mid day!) Its even cooling and feels so good. Helps with fine lines and smoothing and sculpting the skin. Also try it with oils or over sheet masks!

Dermaflash-Everyone loves a good smooth surface to apply makeup to. Get a professional quality peach fuzz-de-fuzzer treatment inside your very own home. No more awkwardness just beautiful skin.

Elemis Superfood Skincare Oil-The worlds best oil, seriously! I absolutely love all things Elemis. I would bathe in it if I could-like daily. Its just that good. This oil smoothes the skin and is the perfect compliment to the Jade or Rose roller!

Dr Jart Mask-These bad boys are my go to for a skin pick me up. Date night or photoshoot these have you covered! Just pop it on and grab your lemon water and cozy up to relax in a barefoot dreams blankie.


Microcurrent Contouring

So I recently went to a training on this brand and absolutely fell in love with it since it’s kind of an alternative to botox and other plastic surgery such as face lifts. Its basically is like a spin class for your face aka it works out the muscles in your face to lift your skin and create a smooth, lifted appearance to your face.

I like the Trinity since it is able to connect to 3 heads and has the highest power aka more results.

The prep and glow cloths are incredible. They smell refreshing, are hydrating and are good for after the gym. The beads help to lightly exfoliate and add a fresh glow to the skin for you to return to the things you want to.

Gold Primer-I have been using this for a few weeks now and I am OBSESSED. After using the spa just rub in this gold serum and watch your skin glow. 24k MAGIC IN THE AIIIIIIR! Bruno Mars probably approves. I definitely do!

Let me know what you think about the products in the comments below or on social media! Lets connect on IG @Celiacavallico

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