I did something....& How to heal after B.I.I.

I had many people following my breast implant/explant illness and wanting updates.

Well I’ve been actively working on detoxing-safely I may add!

I have spent days blurred into nights reading the ins and outs of the human body and mind and more importantly the gut/brain axis aka the Vagus nerve to find out how the heck to heal.

I decided after recommending so so many people to using essential oils and supplements from Doterra to eventually partner with the company and sell them directly. This allows me to support my FB detox page which I will be opening exclusively for my clients.

If you already shop with a Doterra rep but want in thats fine there will be a button in my shop to purchase the group <3 (Just head to my shop)

To shop with me please send an email to


I will come up with a custom formula for you and after purchase you will be entered into our exclusive community. I believe the way to true health is through natural protocols!


Celia Cavalli