Cellulite is a toxin that can be detoxed from the body.


I definitely got some angry responses to this one!

But the truth is in the science. What is cellulite? Cellulite is fat cells (subcutaneous fat below the surface of the skin) that has pushed through netted fascia (web like band of connective tissue which is mainly made up of collagen that stabilizes organs and muscles.) to create dimpling on areas all over the body but especially in the hips, thighs and booty regions.

What is subcutaneous fat? Subcutaneous fat is the fat below the skins surface that is often times squishy. This is what people get taken out when they get liposuction. Subcutaneous fat depends on lifestyle factors since it does in fact protect the body from toxins. It is your bodies easiest storage for toxins (toxins bind to fat) to keep them far away from your organs to protect your internal functions.

I will in later blog posts talk more about toxin loads and chronic illness but for now we are focused on the cellulite and how we can begin to detox it out.

So for instance you have a friend who is on a weight loss journey. She is doing amazing and she loses 40lbs but she then gets sick all the time and she has bags under her eyes…she now doesn’t feel very well. The weight begins to come back on.

What is TRULY going on?!

This friend has not properly detoxed her system of toxins and is having toxin over load and no more storage containers for the toxins (fat cells) so the toxins then stream into the blood making her sick and can be shuttled then to the highest level of fat content in the body-The brain. Causing neuro issues.

She then begins to gain belly fat or thigh area to safely store the fat and protect the body.

So what do we do?

We need to cellularly detox the body.

How do we do that?

It’s seriously not a simple snap of the fingers.

The first step is to open the detox pathways and clean up our toxic environment so this begins with tossing all household cleaning supplies that aren’t non toxic (I use oil based you can shop with me wholesale HERE I use On Guard and Purify for all my cleaning and laundry purposes. Become a wellness box member and receive 30% back on your purchases in points you can use to get free products. Feel free to shoot me a message on IG @oilspa_indy if you have any questions or need help shopping for a custom routine)

Things to replace:

  • Laundry detergent and products (anything that touches the skin)

  • Cookware-Throw away teflan and non stick and get copper pans or ceramic

  • Water filters (NOT BRITA!!) I will be uploading my Amazon shop with products I recommend

  • Candles and air scents-Toss all Glade etc and use Doterra oils in a diffuser I like Eucalyptus and Lavender for everyday or Lemon to really freshen the air

  • Switch all food to organic and non processed-Eliminate all gluten, dairy and soy as well stick to fresh organic fruit and veggies and cold pressed juices I actually fasted for 7 days at a time when I began healing my body (use water to hydrate the body)

  • Skincare products-replace with Dr.Bronners and Doterra (I make my own EVERYTHING including body wash I use Doterra On Gaurd with a little fractionated coconut oil and Dr.Bronners unscented hemp soap)

  • Open the skins pathways by detoxing the skin first and foremost (Join my community for the protocols by signing up as a wellness member then adding me on FB Celia Cavalli)

  • Getting the right minerals and supplements to begin to make the body more alkaline. Replenish the cells and help them to safely detox.

  • Replace hair care and lotions/perfumes and anything that touches the skin and body. Perfumes are INSANELY toxic with lots of Phtalates that poison the body (everything is absorbed through your skin and airways)

  • Make sure to properly vent your home and make sure there is no mold growing in your home (the cause of lots of chronic fatigue and illness)

  • Begin to really take care of your skin including gua sha/dry brush or Fascia blaster

  • Begin to chelate heavy metals and toxins from your body using a proper detox protocol

So is it possible to detox cellulite from the body?

Absolutely. Proper detox results in smoother skin with less toxic over load on the body so therefore no need for subcutaneous fat. When you begin to lose subcutaneous fat then your connective tissues can be massaged and manipulated to break down the remaining subcutaneous fat that slipped through the cracks and smooth it out to viola! Create a smooth leg.

It’s science for the benefit of all us ladies.

Got questions? Reach out to me on IG @oilspa_indy

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Happy Healing and living XO

Celia Cavalli