Heavy, Painful Periods?


I remember when I had my BII in full swing and every month I would dread that time of the month as it was absolutely horrible.

The week before my period I would be so dizzy and sick I could barely stand up, let alone function.

I dreaded it. Then one month it completely went away and all I was left with was bloating and sickness that lasted until about 3 months post op to remove my implants. I was basically going through premature menopause due to toxicity at age 29….

Toxicity plagues our modern day society. From food to what we breathe in to what we put on our skin…there’s an abundance of toxins and our body just cannot expel them.

The craziest part is that chronic illness is at an all time high yet nobody seems to be making the link or connection to over load of toxicity and our modern day lifestyle slowly killing us.

Even most doctors are stumped when patients are coming in and not getting better from the medications being given to help with symptoms but not get to the root of the problem…we need to get to the root because thats where we can make changes for total rejuvenation and wellness instead of chasing an elusive illness.

Cleansing toxins can be really tricky so make sure to check out my INTRO to cleansing HERE.

I began doing my first detoxes back when I lived in the desert. I did colonics, juice cleanses and ate lots of herbal supplements and vitamins to stay on top of my health I never had period cramps and my periods were light-usually lasting 1-3 days MAXIMUM.

Well years later during the height of my BII I began getting extremely ill during periods and even had periods lasting upwards of 10 days. After all many of the toxins are expelled during this time since it’s the bodies natural way of cleansing and shedding toxins.

When my period went away completely I was at my sickest…I was very puffy and swollen (major inflammation) I was sick all the time with vertigo (horrible spinning and dizziness), confusion and anxiety.

I began detoxing my body and lost 10lbs of inflammation in the first month.

I also gained my period back but this time it was light like it use to be.

Each following month was lighter and lighter.

I have since then helped women detox and many of them have had major period issues that have been getting better and better from month to month as bloating and inflammation goes down.

The conclusion?

Periods are not suppose to be painful, horrible or extremely heavy. By detoxing properly you can potentially lessen cramping, pain and duration of your period and feel more vibrant, have smoother, glowing skin and over all live healthy and happy.