New Morning Routine

My new office, love or LOVE?!

My new office, love or LOVE?!

If you’re like me you probably tried to stick to morning routines but after

a few weeks have found yourself with the covers over your body, staying in bed as late as possible and responding to emails and texts before waking for the day and beginning the day.

The power is in how you BEGIN the day.

So many of us drift through the day and I began to feel like I was too. Finally I wanted answers so like the researcher I am I went to google, iTunes podcasts and people I admired. I found some common (and not so common) themes that I want to share with you guys.

How you start your day determines the theme of your day.

First things first. Upon waking get the body hydrated!

  1. Hydrate

  2. Move (25 jumping jacks or similar)

  3. Prayer/meditation (5-15 min)

  4. A cold shower (3 seconds) followed by a hot shower. This shocks your system and awakens your senses and oddly enough has some health benefits as well. This will definitely be the hardest one for me to start doing as I hate being cold but I have heard about this for years from some of the healthiest, most successful people I know and so why not try it!

  5. Micronutrient rich breakfast (vitamins) I an going to begin with chlorella, green smoothies and maybe even start making banana ice cream (blend bananas and almond milk in blender and freeze) this helps with reducing muscle cramping and tastes oh so good.

  6. Stretch. This is something I have ignored for years and has led to my body feeling 80 sometimes lol and not a good 80. I decided to try some stretch classes at my local gym and LOVE them! I feel like a new person after (hello forever 21 body)

    After 21 days it becomes a habit

    So obviously not everyday will go like this but I want to make a very conscious effort this year to follow a plan of action to help me with anxiety and depression relief. I noticed the more structured my day and the more its filled with positive promoting activities (less social media, more joy filled IRL activities) the better I feel day to day.

    We all have seen on our phones our daily screen time and it can be HORRIFYING! Mine week to week tends to be anywhere from 8-12 hours a day!! Granted I work on social media but still thats pretty much all waking hours with my face in a phone.

    Another goal I have this year is to make more local friends and to travel more after my body heals from surgery. I love travel and cant wait to blog more about all the places and fun things I embark on!

    I want to hear from you…What are your New Years new habits? Leave it in the comments section or tell me on my latest IG post! @Celiacavallico

Can’t wait to see you all thrive in 2019!

<3 Celia