DISCLAIMER: This is educational information and in no way shape or form is replacement for medical attention. By using these protocols you agree to waive liability from all parties involved on this site and use at your own responsibility and liability. Always consult a doctor if you have concerns.

This is my journey and story of navigating chronic illness and fighting for my life daily to get back to vitality.

I truly believe every single person can reach optimal vitality mentally, physically and spiritually.

I get tons of questions on detoxing and needed a place to put the intro stuff. If you wish to dive deeper and get direction step by step join me in our private client community HERE where I give deeper dive tips and you’ll get support along your journey!

The products I use on a regular basis for health and beauty as well as some favorites!

This is the first part of my detox program that I made simple for you. As of August I will be opening a Patreon for people who want to subscribe and ask questions/hang with me! Retreats may be in the future too :)


I utilize a lot of Doterra oils in my life along with other herbal formulas for vitality and detox.

I often get asked about the book I refer to for almost every oil and supplement Doterra makes.

This is the book:

Know Your “Stuff”

What is truly going on inside of your body? It is good to know.

This is a case where ignorance is not bliss, it is just…better to know what is happening inside the body and compare your progress as you detox. I will drop my favorite tests below.

The first one is a food panel to see what you are sensitive to so you can avoid it during the leaky gut healing phase.

The second is a heavy metal and mineral test. Watch my video on that below!

Green And Lean

Green juice is so key to re-mineralizing and getting the body healthy! I recommend Organifi located down below as it’s truly the easiest and best tasting way to get your greens in daily. It has a lot of great additives like coconut water and probiotics.

Buy the bundle if you want other juices to alternate with for a juice fast (I do 7-20 days at a time using juice only)

Bad organisms cannot survive in a clean non toxic environment as they LOVEEEE processed foods, sugars and carbs. So best way to begin to kick them to the curb and feed the “good guys” first is by using green juice fasts or the tri-fecta of juice cleanses which includes anti-inflammatory Tumeric juice! MMMM.

I also LOVE Irish Sea Moss for getting in minerals, in place of collagen for lovely skin and hair! Sea moss also has a lot of potassium chloride which helps to sooth the system and break up mucus and phlegm. It ALSO is very anti microbial and antiviral!

Clean Water is Essential

Many people are drinking super toxic water.

From flouride, heavy metals, birth control and other medications your fridge purifier and your Brita filter just won’t cut it.

Here are a few options I suggest from Amazon.

This is KEY to your journey with health.

You are 74% made of water and will not get detoxed with tap water, Brita water or any low grade filter.

Distilled water is best (you can add in your own minerals)

I also recommend reading the book below to understand chronic issues and the body more.

Get ready for your mind to be blown!!

I highly recommend DISTILLED water however you will need to add back in the minerals yourself. More on this in my private group for clients (feel free to do your own research as everyones body and mineral needs are different.) Your body and health is worth the money on clean water, trust me.

I have looked into these machines and they are the ones I recommend. There is one to fit ANY budget.

ALWAYS drink out of a glass water bottle! ALWAYS! The one I use is listed on Amazon below.

Eliminate Toxins

DISCLAIMER: This is educational information and in no way shape or form is replacement for medical attention. By using these protocols you agree to waive liability from all parties involved on this site and use at your own responsibility and liability. Always consult a doctor if you have concerns.

It is CRITICAL to eliminate toxins in your body.

It is more than just a detox drink (it’s not this at all) it’s a whole 360 of stripping toxins from your body then opening detox pathways to effectively eliminate the toxins.

Here are a few musts from me. I used hot baths with additives (Deep Blue or other essential oils from my shop) Click HERE for helpful oils! I used saunas (will show a few options for price) I used coffee enemas daily while detoxing (they aren’t as bad as they sound!) I also recommend lemon EO(I only use the kind from HERE as they are food grade.) and Dr.Bronners soap (just a teaspoon) in warm water to break up biofilms.

Enemas are a MUST for opening the colons elimination and helping the liver to restore. (more on that below)

I noticed I had a ton of anxiety and depression wash out of me as the stuff began leaving my body. Colonics are a good option too, just google for a place near you.

When detoxing its important to use a binder as well I will show the options I use below.

If you’re experiencing anxiety and depression for no reason-You may want to read the book I mentioned above! You’ll learn all about parasites and how they effect your body (spoiler alert-Everyones infested and its key to detox them safely) Binders really helped me with minimizing die off and toxin symptoms like dizziness, vertigo and anxiety/flu like symptoms.

Saunas can be used after opening pores using only natural body wash (below Dr.Bronners) and an exfoliating mitt.

Sweating releases many toxins and is great for anyone wanting to truly optimize and detox the body.

The sauna I have is a full spectrum sauna which can penetrate 9 inches into the body detoxing out heavy metals and other issues. This is important for anyone wanting to truly cleanse their body deeply.

Dr.Bronners can be used for most anything (read the side of the bottle for uses and get creative!) You should be using either all natural cleaning agents from my shop found HERE or make your own. I do a combo of both. Stop putting fragrance and other chemicals on the skin. Essential oils and non toxic products only.

I melt the cocoa butter and add in essential oils (I use Whisper EO you can buy it HERE)

I use the magnesium flakes in my bath because they absorb the best into the skin and then the spray right after you shower (it will burn but that just means its working) Magnesium drives everything into the skin so please do not use it with dirty skin. Clean up your skincare by switching to Doterra. You may become a member and get a 25% discount HERE.

In detox (especially with people who were chronically sick like me-BII and other things) take 12-48 months to fully detox. Patience is key. Also detox done right is often times not the most pleasant but over time gets better. Your body is RENEWING. Its creating its vibrancy again. Be patient. Following a exact protocol like the one in my private client group is truly key to detoxing properly and getting full support-you can buy access HERE.

Living silica by this brand only is what I use daily for healthy hair, skin and nails. I drink it and I also put it right on my face and use it in my hair (I made a custom spray that my clients get access to my personal recipes if you would like to join reach out to me or sign up HERE after purchasing your wellness subscription I will reach out to you to be added to the group)

I use coconut oil for oil pulling (swishing in my mouth with On Gaurd or Oregano oil to sanitize just make sure to spit it in the toilet!, skin conditioning, deep conditioner, shaving oil, makeup remover and tanning lotion.

Coffee enemas! I love cleansing and opening the colon pathway because honestly, the energy is insane. It’s not jittery its a stable, sustained energy that feels clean (no pun intended) Enemas have been used for centuries to keep optimal health and cleanse the colon of parasites, bad bacteria and other things that slow your detox down. Once you are experienced you can use essential oils and Dr.Bronner’s soap with EO for different things (google it)

Binders I Love

Binders are used to soak up toxins. I use an approach where I take binders then use enemas, sauna and sweating to get the junk out. Stay super hydrated to flush toxins. I rotate binders often but take activated charcoal the most since it is the fastest acting and most effective negative charge to soak up positive charged ions aka toxins.

I use the clay not INTERNALLY! I use it topically to draw out toxins! Mix with apple cider vinegar!

Magnesium Baths

Magnesium is great for cell and nerve function and can help aid in detoxing (along with a good diet) via baths! It draws toxins out of the skin and replenishes minerals to the body. Add in some essential oils to sooth and detox the skin and body further!

My favorites to add rotate often but I use a ton of Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Blue Tansy.

The magnesium spray I use often for sore muscles or to get deep sleep!

Sweat It Out

Exfoliate and sweat it out!!! Heres my top tips for skin health and expelling toxins via the skin!

Sweating is like peeing from your skin it flushes the body and puts less stress on the kidneys. Make sure to drink TONS of water during your sauna session to avoid dehydration and enjoy! Its very relaxing.

After a shower I apply my skin food! Skin food can be made by using a double boiler and melting coconut oil and cocoa butter. Melt both then add essential oils and some living silica for skin glow! You can also add some MSM as well (featured down below further) to help pull out heavy metals.


You’ll want organic coffee only (light roast preferred) and a durable and safe bag like the one listed below by my IG friends who have a similar story to mine.

Enemas are easy and great to do to eliminate waste from the colon and rehydrate it!

Supplements I Use

DISCLAIMER: Consult with your health care professional before starting a new routine if you have concerns.

I in no way intend to cure, treat or have these take place of medical attention or care so please consult with your health care professional if you are in poor health/concerned about your health.

I am all about natural and beneficial health foods and super foods.

Coconut oil is a must have for all the uses listed above. I use it for skin, hair, teeth (oil pulling-google videos) and most everything.

Living silica is the beauty elixir! Drink it daily and apply it topically for smoother skin and longer stronger nails.

Himalayan salt is the ONLY salt I use besides Icelandic sea salt. I use it for skin scrubs, to salt my food, a pinch in water to rehydrate myself, in a colonic to keep in electrolytes and hydration, and you can use it in a bath with the magnesium flakes.

Chlorella is a heavy metal chelator which is great for detoxing heavy metals I add mine to smoothies or just take with my other pills. It is important to not rush to detox heavy metals immediately. You want to be able to eliminate them ASAP so they do not Re-tox your system by going to your brain and other organs. You want to slowly ease into this by opening detox pathways before jumping into detox! The pathways are colon (enema or colonics) kidneys (urine I use Juniper berry which is inside the Zendocrine formula you can access HERE.

MSM is great for skin health I take it internally and use it on my skin (I blend with my cocoa butter and apply it)

Cocoa is a super food that is great for anyone with a chocolate fixation

Iodine is a nutrient almost everyone is deficient in I use 2 drops on my wrist every other day

Ashwagandha is a super food and helps the body and mind with stress add it to your smoothies

Maca powder is great for so many things (just google) I put it in my smoothies

I love the nibs for on the go crunch or sweet tooth! Its also a super food.

Goji berries make a great snack and are super healthy as they are a super food. They are the ultimate anti aging agent.

Green Coffee bean is known to brighten the skin, give it a glow and to increase fat loss

Golden Berries are high in fiber they also contain a ton of vitamin A and are a major anti oxidant

Chia seeds are great in the morning as chia pudding and are a super food that provides healthy fats to the brain

Activated charcol is a must on any detox protocol. It absorbs everything in the system including toxins so do not take it too close to the time you eat (1.5 hour rule of thumb) If you are having a Herx reaction to detox (feeling really crappy) take 2 capsules of this baby and you’ll soak it on up! Do not use ACC for longer than 2 weeks at a time as it will absorb all your minerals. You must be on a good nutrient foundation such as the healthy habits kit to make sure you’re re mineralizing.

I also use a probiotic as well as the daily vitality kit you can get them HERE


When I underwent my detox I fasted with Distilled water (remineralized with supplements) for 18 days because I really needed to cleanse my system. I actually do not recommend this as it is extremely hard on the body (effective but hard on the body) The best way to detox is by consuming REAL foods and super foods.

I do recommend people to juice or stick to a fruit/veggie based lifestyle for 30-120 days to really re-alkalinize the body. Again this is your journey do your own research. Avoid chemicals/GMOs/Canned foods and basically garbage. Processed foods should be avoided like the plague and I highly recommend cutting out meat as it is abundant in nasty critters.

Eat organic only-Always.

Wash all veggies and fruit using food grade lemon EO or white vinegar. Only use filtered water.

Avoiding meat is crucial during your detox because it is full of toxins, parasites and other nasty things you want to keep out of your diet. I am not vegan, I just subscribe to a healthy way of living.

Avoid conventional dairy and soy. Wheat is also something you should avoid. Corn is very GMO heavy so I recommend avoiding this too. This will jump start the body to moving toxins out and nutrients in!

The lymph is key to health. Lymph (Google it and watch youtube videos) should be cared for with rebounders (or you can just jump on the bed LOL) take vitamin C daily and practice lymph massage/Gau Sha/Dry brushing. Lemon EO oil (CPTG only) can be used in warm water upon waking for an extra lymph push and to cleanse and renew the liver. Lymph is a major cause of man/womans issues these days. You don’t need more supplements you need WHOLE REAL FOODS and herbs to detox it and keep it in optimal health. I’ll list my fav herbs below. I use Zendocrine formula by Doterra (ask me to get started by sending me a DM on IG @oilspa_indy I have a gift for you!) I also love herbal teas too!

Down below are my top teas I rotate!

I adore Davids Tea and drink it daily! They know me by name LOL. I linked my top two below for detox!

“But Celiaaaaa when can I eat Mc Donalds again?” If you feel the need for junk food its a SURE fire sign you NEED to detox to get rid of your cravings.

Junk food feeds the bad guys and robs the good guys of nutrients so that they “quit” and leave. Stick with a healthy lifestyle and live well!

You only get one body! Live well!