There truly is nothing better than optimal health.
— Celia Cavalli

Top Supplements

As a general rule I do not like SINGLED out supplements I.E. I am not about taking copper because it will push out zinc and vice versa…this is how people get WRECKED! I stay far far away from the singled out vitamin game unless you are working with a doctor (I am not one DISCLAIMER) and they have run labs and prescribed you them.

Another important thing to add is to start SLOW. You do not need to make a 180 in everything you’re doing this can often times leave you feeling shaken up and will result in you either having a bad reaction or just feeling like its too much and give up. I want you to STICK with this babe! I want you to SUCCEED!

I do book 1-1 appointments as I am a certified Digestive Health Coach and Detox Coach. So if you are looking for added support in a more VIP setting then thats the proper way to go. You can book with me HERE.

For all else things I use from Enema bag to favorite green drink scroll down mi lovelies!


Next Is The Top Beauty And Skin Items

I love to dry brush, use oils (I am now an elite affiliate with Doterra so if you need them just reach out on IG or by email @oilspa_indy or I love anything beauty related and having optimal beauty while being non toxic.

For instance I freaking loveeee Dr. Bronners soap because its #1 non toxic and #2 you can use it for literally anything…even laundry and cleaning your enema bag HELLUURRRR. I like things that multi task. My fav scent is obviously lavender.

Castor oil I use as a castor pack on my liver (helped me heal a ton) and in my hair to help it grow. You may also use it as a carrier oil for your oils. The oils I will list below you can use as a massage oil or as a lotion when mixed with your fav Doterra scents.

For lymph its so important to be actively sweating daily wether its a hot bath, a sauna/steam room or exercise your skin is the kidney’s third way to eliminate toxins. Speaking of kidneys! You want to make sure they are working properly this formula below (stone breaker) will help them to filter better (notice it has celery seed which doterra now carries as well!)

Gua Sha you can use in the shower or in a sauna which helps to move lymph, slim and tone the skin& push toxins out!