I have always been a big lover of all things skin care and beauty. In fact I worked for MAC cosmetics for many years and still love the beauty world.

I am just a little more natural now. Obviously.

Here’s some of my picks.

Clean and clear and fresh smelling

I use Apple cider vinegar and the ancient clay mask a lot! It seriously smooths skin like no other.

It also happens to be really amazing for detoxing armpits and other areas like back-ne and neck.



Green juices help to light up the body and electrify from within! Not only are they a great source of skin healthy nutrients but they have electrolytes to help balance hydration and the body and smooth skin.

I loveeee the taste of Organifi products and just ordered more of the fruits to begin a fruit fast all over again.

They are the perfect way to ensure beauty internally as well as externally.

They also happen to be amazing for energy and going #2 with ease!

Honey, honey, honaaayyyy

Raw honey for skin?

“Girl you lost your mind!” no, actually its a model trick of runway models in New York and the beauties in LA.

Honey has been known in the Russian community to sooth skin and heal wounds-holler.

I absolutely love how nutrient rich it is and how soft it leaves my skin! Just mix with water and pat on and use circular motions to massage in then wash off and pat dry-and enjoy that smooth skin.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a great way to move lymph and detox the skin before jumping in the shower.

It’s easy to do! You just want to brush towards the major lymph areas (diagram below)


I would use a brush like the one I have linked below which is off Amazon.

I would also use the nutritive rich grapeseed oil afterwards as well to help smooth the skin and fight aging/cellulite.