Breast Implant Illness

It’s not really easy for me to talk openly about this.

In fact it’s really, really hard.

It makes me cringe every time I go to hit “share”

But I know that my story has helped save others and in a way I guess it’s part of my contribution to my fellow women community.

And again I am not writing this post because it’s “fun” or whatever, it’s because I had a lot of repetitive messages I thought I would address and be transparent about.

So if you’re a dude keep scrolling.
But if you’re a dude with a wife or girlfriend or sister or daughter please read this.
Please love your female person enough to share this, to love her as she is and to never wish to alter that.

As someone who has a platform to reach a few people and with the amount of women who have begun explanting or the process since I first opened about my story in Julyish this post is for you. It’s my way to forward what was given to me (information I really needed to hear to begin to heal my body and have peace) and if this helps more women and the men who love them then I can sleep happy at night knowing that I paid it forward and could help another.

This is becoming mainstream news as the New Yorker is now writing on it and more women with big platforms to speak out are doing just that, to help other women to make smart decisions and to gain insight into what could possibly silently killing them.

Former playmates and YouTube stars are now openly talking explanting.

My inbox was flooded once again with questions, concerns and prayers.

So thanks guys, truly. 
You guys seriously rock and I’m very grateful for each and every message and this awesome tribe of online friends/family/some random stranger stragglers.

Its been a journey of lots of strength and trial and error. But I’m so grateful for miss Tina Galloway from my company who introduced me to the idea that this could be what made me fall ill 😷

My symptoms were like a CVS receipt, for real.

At my worst I was unable to leave my bed, crying from pain and seriously depression (I am not by nature a depressing person so it felt off to me, like I was not myself) I had anxiety and major panic attacks because of vertigo (I still have vertigo I just manage it better now),

major hair loss like CLUMPS would fall out like I was in chemo (just this morning I cleaned a small rabbit out of my drain from one shower, it really kills me as my hair was always something I loved) , my nails all broke off so I had to take a break from acrylic to restore them,

I had bruised skin, shallow skin,

I couldn’t hold water so all my water would flush despite me being sooooo dehydrated my organs just were struggling and taxed,

I was so tired that the thought of getting out of bed made me need a nap,
I had metallic taste in my mouth and odd body odor I couldn’t identify-it smelled like bleach...

My skin felt like it was being electrified for hours on end, my entire body hurt.
Sharp shooting pains all over.

I would get sick to my stomach after eating I lost a lot of weight but then would have days of extreme swelling. Then I would gain 10lbs of body was a mess.

I began forgetting everything (I use notes for legit everything) I’m not a forgetful person at all so this was alarming for me

Migraines that were so bad I would vomit or need to sleep the entire day

Rashes-lots of them and all over my body and scalp

Food intolerances that would come and go

Inability to sleep through a night

Tremors and shaking to the point I thought I was having a seizure (extreme vitamin deficiency can cause muscle spasms and this type of issue)

Muscle spasms and extreme muscle cramping 
To the point I thought I broke my foot once I couldn’t walk on it for a few days

To just name a few.

If you or someone you love is considering getting anything silicone or hormonal in your body know that it does come at a cost. It may not effect you today, maybe not in 4 years but it’s never guaranteed that your body will fight it and you’ll have zero complications...
I was a “lucky one” for 5 years.

Your body builds a wall called a capsule upon insertion to the body. This is to help PROTECT you from harm.

Beauty isn’t shoving plastic in places it doesn’t belong it’s how you carry yourself, love yourself and love others.

This also is not to shame anyone for getting them nor is it to tell women what to do and to not get them. Your decisions are your own. Who knows had I been educated about this I may still have been head strong and idiotic and still gotten them because I wanted them.

The point is the information should be wide spread for the ones who are ready to receive it.

Also prayers for the women who are explanting this week! Much love to everyone 💗