Self Love-Isn't Selfish

We Are Told To Love Ourselves and Take Pride In Ourselves Is Vain…But Thats BS.

Enter our world of fast paced EVERYTHING. From your phone model to the car model you have to the crappy dating sites (Tinder anyone?!) to fast food.

Our world has become cheap.

Cheapened, quick, easy and of course it leaves us feeling empty, broken, torn and unloved. So when we go to take care of ourselves we feel a sense of guilt because our fast paced society (which operates in the masculine push-push go-go energy) is over taking everything. We have lost touch with our femininity.

Hence why women are burning out.

We feel disconnected.

In a room full of people but lonely or surrounded by everything we wanted yet empty-spiritually.

We need self love.

True self love. The kind where you slow down, run a hot bath with some wine and journal out your inner stuff…getting the root of your deepest desires, deepest conflicts and where you ultimately want to go in life. True self love is filling yourself back up when our fast paced world depletes you. Its not spending tons of money on things you cant afford or endlessly and mindlessly going out and doing things just because you see them on other blogs titled “self love” its truly

Doing the INNER WORK.

Working your “stuff” out and bettering yourself-inside and out daily.

It’s about eating healthy but ALSO buying nice things for you, hydrating yourself, slowing down to rest and relax, taking care of your mindset with positivity and renewal and growth. It’s being around the right kind of people and deepening your faith in why you’re here, on earth.

Self love is not selfish. It’s by far the best thing you can do for you and everyone around you!