How vision is key to manifestation...


It’s not pretend if it actually happened.


Recently a client of mine shifted. 
I saw her shift and it may have been ever so subtle but it was so incredibly powerful.
She had just quantum shifted into such a higher frequency than when I met her, a single mother who was trying to make it all work. She now had a glow and flow to her a spark that was lit strongly from within.
An inner manifestation switch she had cultivated. 
Beauty spilled out of her post like honey over flowing and I knew in that second my work and energy had done its job.
Nothing is more deeply gratifying to me than a shift in a client to realize the world is limitless and they are truly worthy of all dreams& future possibilities.

I’ve always taken pride in fulfilling dreams through the work I do and the humbleness God has instilled in me to do so.

So back to the point.
How can you change your entire life in an instant?!
“Without vision the people perish.” -Proverbs 29:18
You need strong vision. And not a vision of man. No, no! Something much greater.

Gods vision for you.

Dreaming into what could be because we only know reality from our past experiences. 
And once we shift...oh baby! Once we shift to a limitless paradigm it’s a whole new world!!

Life was not meant to play small. 
There’s too much of that.
Be great, be amazing, be the best-be a legend in Gods design for you. 
You’re a make and model like no else. 
Trust that the future holds more for you.

“We walk by faith not by sight.” -2 Corinthians 5:7 you must believe it before you see it. And you must know it is possible and TRUST it before it comes.

Gods design for you all along was a limitless, beautiful design. 
It’s not that it hasn’t happened. It’s that it has t happened-yet.