The Look Of Class-Its Not Just Red Bottoms And A Chanel Bag

Photo by  Park Street  on  Unsplash

Photo by Park Street on Unsplash

In The Land Of Flip Flops And Yoga Pants

Along comes across a well dressed, well spoken woman with elegance and grace that sweeps a room, turns heads and melts hearts.

Her hair is done smoothly and polish, her nails aren’t chipped, her smile is beautiful and confident, her outfit is smooth and couture but what it truly is-is her PERSONALITY. It’s contagious. It lights up a room.

Words can lie but energy doesn’t.

When this woman walks in you FEEL her energy before you sometimes even see her. Class and elegance begins within. I often teach this in my courses. In order to find the love you seek you must do the inner work first.

For example, today we went shopping and one of the amazing sales reps (Brandon at Jared Jewelers in Keystone Indiana) came up to us and gushed “I just felt drawn to you both, you’re so well dressed and polished.” IMMEDIATELY we hit it off-like attracts like.

He first felt our energy then saw us and knew we were someone he wanted to get to know. Not oddly enough we had a ton in common! This is how relationships of all kinds form is first feeling out someones energy-then getting to know them.

Many women throw on whatever before they leave, not bothering with hair or makeup-this reflects the messiness of the internal life. It doesn’t take a lot to look on the outside how you feel and are on the inside.

Your outer world is always, ALWAYS a reflection of your internal world.

Many people want a quick fix but this is not how true success ever works.

Don’t take the cheating path, take the tried and true path.

This is why I am so passionate about my programs and working with women 1-1 to get the results they desire.

You can achieve what you desire and there is nothing holding you back besides your mindset.

A mindset that conquers all is one that is resourceful and positive. It wins out over anything else any given day.

The point is you do not need a Chanel bag or anything else to be classy-It truly comes from within and is reflected on the outside in the way you carry yourself and treat others.