How to make custom non-toxic perfumes!

So as you beauties know I began my Doterra journey this year after seeking a non-toxic alternative to healing and living. Its a total lifestyle change when you get sick so I decided to jump all in and become a customer.

Little did I know I would become a full blown educator on oils and how to use them to benefit the body, mind and clean lifestyle.

I’m super passionate about them because of the power they hold and the purity you can smell and taste (yes you can actually use these internally!)

I was a huge fan of Chanel parfum and really loved how crisp and clean it smelled yet still feminine so I looked for other alternatives and came up with Doterra Jasmine and Neroli touch sticks blended together on the skin.

It smells like HEAVEN. Pure bliss and feminine charm.

I always recommend that you open a wholesale account for best pricing with me! You do this by clicking HERE then going to “become a member” then choose “wholesale customer” and fill out your info then you will have your own boutique to buy from with benefits such as loyalty rewards monthly wellness box (you get points back every time you get your monthly order) My customers also get to enjoy access to my wellness and detox group on FB! Instagram message me with any questions @oilspa_indy I look forward to helping you on your journey!


So how I mix these two is every morning straight out of the shower I apply the Doterra FCO (fractionated coconut oil) to my skin then I use these 2 roller balls generously on my wrists and neck and lightly pat in.

Then I take my Magnesium spray (you can find that HERE) and I spray it over the oils to really drive them into the skin and get all the benefits.

Try different combos for your preference! There are many touch rollers including more florals and more fruity ones! So play with it and see whats best.

XO live well!