Doterra Oils-How to use!

So I get many questions about oils.

They quite literally CHANGED MY LIFE.

From bed ridden and sick to thriving people watched my journey. I use both oils and Doterra supplements daily. I love that they are so close to nature and incredible natural.

The biggest hack to health for me was eliminating toxin load.

This was made possible by Doterra and I’m forever grateful. I have been in the industry of supplements for YEARS (13 to be exact) and purity is hard to come by. Most companies just want to make a buck. Doterra truly cares about shifting the health of the world and I admire that.

I began as a customer and quickly had so many people asking for oils that I stepped it up and became a promoter. I by passed 3 ranks in my first week!!! What!!! And now I just want to keep spreading the word not sickness.

If you want to get started with oils set up your whole sale account HERE.

Let’s change the world together!

This is how to use a few of my favorites!