Doterra Oils-How to use!

So I get many questions about oils.

They quite literally CHANGED MY LIFE.

From bed ridden and sick to thriving people watched my journey. I use both oils and Doterra supplements daily. I love that they are so close to nature and incredible natural.

The biggest hack to health for me was eliminating toxin load.

This was made possible by Doterra and I’m forever grateful. I have been in the industry of supplements for YEARS (13 to be exact) and purity is hard to come by. Most companies just want to make a buck. Doterra truly cares about shifting the health of the world and I admire that.

I began as a customer and quickly had so many people asking for oils that I stepped it up and became a promoter. I by passed 3 ranks in my first week!!! What!!! And now I just want to keep spreading the word not sickness.

If you want to get started with oils set up your whole sale account HERE.

Let’s change the world together!

This is how to use a few of my favorites!

How to make custom non-toxic perfumes!

So as you beauties know I began my Doterra journey this year after seeking a non-toxic alternative to healing and living. Its a total lifestyle change when you get sick so I decided to jump all in and become a customer.

Little did I know I would become a full blown educator on oils and how to use them to benefit the body, mind and clean lifestyle.

I’m super passionate about them because of the power they hold and the purity you can smell and taste (yes you can actually use these internally!)

I was a huge fan of Chanel parfum and really loved how crisp and clean it smelled yet still feminine so I looked for other alternatives and came up with Doterra Jasmine and Neroli touch sticks blended together on the skin.

It smells like HEAVEN. Pure bliss and feminine charm.

I always recommend that you open a wholesale account for best pricing with me! You do this by clicking HERE then going to “become a member” then choose “wholesale customer” and fill out your info then you will have your own boutique to buy from with benefits such as loyalty rewards monthly wellness box (you get points back every time you get your monthly order) My customers also get to enjoy access to my wellness and detox group on FB! Instagram message me with any questions @oilspa_indy I look forward to helping you on your journey!


So how I mix these two is every morning straight out of the shower I apply the Doterra FCO (fractionated coconut oil) to my skin then I use these 2 roller balls generously on my wrists and neck and lightly pat in.

Then I take my Magnesium spray (you can find that HERE) and I spray it over the oils to really drive them into the skin and get all the benefits.

Try different combos for your preference! There are many touch rollers including more florals and more fruity ones! So play with it and see whats best.

XO live well!


I did something....& How to heal after B.I.I.

I had many people following my breast implant/explant illness and wanting updates.

Well I’ve been actively working on detoxing-safely I may add!

I have spent days blurred into nights reading the ins and outs of the human body and mind and more importantly the gut/brain axis aka the Vagus nerve to find out how the heck to heal.

I decided after recommending so so many people to using essential oils and supplements from Doterra to eventually partner with the company and sell them directly. This allows me to support my FB detox page which I will be opening exclusively for my clients.

If you already shop with a Doterra rep but want in thats fine there will be a button in my shop to purchase the group <3 (Just head to my shop)

To shop with me please send an email to

I will come up with a custom formula for you and after purchase you will be entered into our exclusive community. I believe the way to true health is through natural protocols!


Celia Cavalli

The Look Of Class-Its Not Just Red Bottoms And A Chanel Bag

Photo by  Park Street  on  Unsplash

Photo by Park Street on Unsplash

In The Land Of Flip Flops And Yoga Pants

Along comes across a well dressed, well spoken woman with elegance and grace that sweeps a room, turns heads and melts hearts.

Her hair is done smoothly and polish, her nails aren’t chipped, her smile is beautiful and confident, her outfit is smooth and couture but what it truly is-is her PERSONALITY. It’s contagious. It lights up a room.

Words can lie but energy doesn’t.

When this woman walks in you FEEL her energy before you sometimes even see her. Class and elegance begins within. I often teach this in my courses. In order to find the love you seek you must do the inner work first.

For example, today we went shopping and one of the amazing sales reps (Brandon at Jared Jewelers in Keystone Indiana) came up to us and gushed “I just felt drawn to you both, you’re so well dressed and polished.” IMMEDIATELY we hit it off-like attracts like.

He first felt our energy then saw us and knew we were someone he wanted to get to know. Not oddly enough we had a ton in common! This is how relationships of all kinds form is first feeling out someones energy-then getting to know them.

Many women throw on whatever before they leave, not bothering with hair or makeup-this reflects the messiness of the internal life. It doesn’t take a lot to look on the outside how you feel and are on the inside.

Your outer world is always, ALWAYS a reflection of your internal world.

Many people want a quick fix but this is not how true success ever works.

Don’t take the cheating path, take the tried and true path.

This is why I am so passionate about my programs and working with women 1-1 to get the results they desire.

You can achieve what you desire and there is nothing holding you back besides your mindset.

A mindset that conquers all is one that is resourceful and positive. It wins out over anything else any given day.

The point is you do not need a Chanel bag or anything else to be classy-It truly comes from within and is reflected on the outside in the way you carry yourself and treat others.

How vision is key to manifestation...


It’s not pretend if it actually happened.


Recently a client of mine shifted. 
I saw her shift and it may have been ever so subtle but it was so incredibly powerful.
She had just quantum shifted into such a higher frequency than when I met her, a single mother who was trying to make it all work. She now had a glow and flow to her a spark that was lit strongly from within.
An inner manifestation switch she had cultivated. 
Beauty spilled out of her post like honey over flowing and I knew in that second my work and energy had done its job.
Nothing is more deeply gratifying to me than a shift in a client to realize the world is limitless and they are truly worthy of all dreams& future possibilities.

I’ve always taken pride in fulfilling dreams through the work I do and the humbleness God has instilled in me to do so.

So back to the point.
How can you change your entire life in an instant?!
“Without vision the people perish.” -Proverbs 29:18
You need strong vision. And not a vision of man. No, no! Something much greater.

Gods vision for you.

Dreaming into what could be because we only know reality from our past experiences. 
And once we shift...oh baby! Once we shift to a limitless paradigm it’s a whole new world!!

Life was not meant to play small. 
There’s too much of that.
Be great, be amazing, be the best-be a legend in Gods design for you. 
You’re a make and model like no else. 
Trust that the future holds more for you.

“We walk by faith not by sight.” -2 Corinthians 5:7 you must believe it before you see it. And you must know it is possible and TRUST it before it comes.

Gods design for you all along was a limitless, beautiful design. 
It’s not that it hasn’t happened. It’s that it has t happened-yet.


Self Love-Isn't Selfish

We Are Told To Love Ourselves and Take Pride In Ourselves Is Vain…But Thats BS.

Enter our world of fast paced EVERYTHING. From your phone model to the car model you have to the crappy dating sites (Tinder anyone?!) to fast food.

Our world has become cheap.

Cheapened, quick, easy and of course it leaves us feeling empty, broken, torn and unloved. So when we go to take care of ourselves we feel a sense of guilt because our fast paced society (which operates in the masculine push-push go-go energy) is over taking everything. We have lost touch with our femininity.

Hence why women are burning out.

We feel disconnected.

In a room full of people but lonely or surrounded by everything we wanted yet empty-spiritually.

We need self love.

True self love. The kind where you slow down, run a hot bath with some wine and journal out your inner stuff…getting the root of your deepest desires, deepest conflicts and where you ultimately want to go in life. True self love is filling yourself back up when our fast paced world depletes you. Its not spending tons of money on things you cant afford or endlessly and mindlessly going out and doing things just because you see them on other blogs titled “self love” its truly

Doing the INNER WORK.

Working your “stuff” out and bettering yourself-inside and out daily.

It’s about eating healthy but ALSO buying nice things for you, hydrating yourself, slowing down to rest and relax, taking care of your mindset with positivity and renewal and growth. It’s being around the right kind of people and deepening your faith in why you’re here, on earth.

Self love is not selfish. It’s by far the best thing you can do for you and everyone around you!

Get the look-Shoes!

I am OBSESSED with all things tall boots.

I am OBSESSED with all things tall boots.

Hi beauties!

I have been finding some amazing dupes and shoes on Amazon. I did a live and openly shared my finds in my free Fb group you can join HERE we discuss all things feminine, girly and amazing.

So let’s discuss ladies. The tall boots are so classic and classy and can make any outfit look polished and perfected. I prefer the grey or tan boots for different outfits.

Theres a time and place for flats but I love how the heels feel and also make the body look.

Click below to see the ones I recommend.

I love pairing them with riding jeans. Simple, classic and seriously a must for fall and winter. Pair it with a chunky sweater and some jeans for a casual chic look or laid back upscale boho look.

Perfect for those who need a cheaper option to the luxe look book and a dupe for the Stewart boots.


I have NEVER gotten so many comments and compliments on a shoe ever..and they are KNOCK OFFS!!! Like these shoes are the TRUTH! I absolutely love how they feel too-very comfortable.

The craftsmanship is great-they do not look cheap.

You can pair these with jeans or slacks and a blouse for everyday office wear or quick meeting with the girls, Target run, brunch in Malibu or really any occasion.

They look amazing with a black dress as a more formal attire and its great that they are comfortable so good for events, weddings etc.

Get some!!

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New Morning Routine

My new office, love or LOVE?!

My new office, love or LOVE?!

If you’re like me you probably tried to stick to morning routines but after

a few weeks have found yourself with the covers over your body, staying in bed as late as possible and responding to emails and texts before waking for the day and beginning the day.

The power is in how you BEGIN the day.

So many of us drift through the day and I began to feel like I was too. Finally I wanted answers so like the researcher I am I went to google, iTunes podcasts and people I admired. I found some common (and not so common) themes that I want to share with you guys.

How you start your day determines the theme of your day.

First things first. Upon waking get the body hydrated!

  1. Hydrate

  2. Move (25 jumping jacks or similar)

  3. Prayer/meditation (5-15 min)

  4. A cold shower (3 seconds) followed by a hot shower. This shocks your system and awakens your senses and oddly enough has some health benefits as well. This will definitely be the hardest one for me to start doing as I hate being cold but I have heard about this for years from some of the healthiest, most successful people I know and so why not try it!

  5. Micronutrient rich breakfast (vitamins) I an going to begin with chlorella, green smoothies and maybe even start making banana ice cream (blend bananas and almond milk in blender and freeze) this helps with reducing muscle cramping and tastes oh so good.

  6. Stretch. This is something I have ignored for years and has led to my body feeling 80 sometimes lol and not a good 80. I decided to try some stretch classes at my local gym and LOVE them! I feel like a new person after (hello forever 21 body)

    After 21 days it becomes a habit

    So obviously not everyday will go like this but I want to make a very conscious effort this year to follow a plan of action to help me with anxiety and depression relief. I noticed the more structured my day and the more its filled with positive promoting activities (less social media, more joy filled IRL activities) the better I feel day to day.

    We all have seen on our phones our daily screen time and it can be HORRIFYING! Mine week to week tends to be anywhere from 8-12 hours a day!! Granted I work on social media but still thats pretty much all waking hours with my face in a phone.

    Another goal I have this year is to make more local friends and to travel more after my body heals from surgery. I love travel and cant wait to blog more about all the places and fun things I embark on!

    I want to hear from you…What are your New Years new habits? Leave it in the comments section or tell me on my latest IG post! @Celiacavallico

Can’t wait to see you all thrive in 2019!

<3 Celia

Breast Implant Illness

It’s not really easy for me to talk openly about this.

In fact it’s really, really hard.

It makes me cringe every time I go to hit “share”

But I know that my story has helped save others and in a way I guess it’s part of my contribution to my fellow women community.

And again I am not writing this post because it’s “fun” or whatever, it’s because I had a lot of repetitive messages I thought I would address and be transparent about.

So if you’re a dude keep scrolling.
But if you’re a dude with a wife or girlfriend or sister or daughter please read this.
Please love your female person enough to share this, to love her as she is and to never wish to alter that.

As someone who has a platform to reach a few people and with the amount of women who have begun explanting or the process since I first opened about my story in Julyish this post is for you. It’s my way to forward what was given to me (information I really needed to hear to begin to heal my body and have peace) and if this helps more women and the men who love them then I can sleep happy at night knowing that I paid it forward and could help another.

This is becoming mainstream news as the New Yorker is now writing on it and more women with big platforms to speak out are doing just that, to help other women to make smart decisions and to gain insight into what could possibly silently killing them.

Former playmates and YouTube stars are now openly talking explanting.

My inbox was flooded once again with questions, concerns and prayers.

So thanks guys, truly. 
You guys seriously rock and I’m very grateful for each and every message and this awesome tribe of online friends/family/some random stranger stragglers.

Its been a journey of lots of strength and trial and error. But I’m so grateful for miss Tina Galloway from my company who introduced me to the idea that this could be what made me fall ill 😷

My symptoms were like a CVS receipt, for real.

At my worst I was unable to leave my bed, crying from pain and seriously depression (I am not by nature a depressing person so it felt off to me, like I was not myself) I had anxiety and major panic attacks because of vertigo (I still have vertigo I just manage it better now),

major hair loss like CLUMPS would fall out like I was in chemo (just this morning I cleaned a small rabbit out of my drain from one shower, it really kills me as my hair was always something I loved) , my nails all broke off so I had to take a break from acrylic to restore them,

I had bruised skin, shallow skin,

I couldn’t hold water so all my water would flush despite me being sooooo dehydrated my organs just were struggling and taxed,

I was so tired that the thought of getting out of bed made me need a nap,
I had metallic taste in my mouth and odd body odor I couldn’t identify-it smelled like bleach...

My skin felt like it was being electrified for hours on end, my entire body hurt.
Sharp shooting pains all over.

I would get sick to my stomach after eating I lost a lot of weight but then would have days of extreme swelling. Then I would gain 10lbs of body was a mess.

I began forgetting everything (I use notes for legit everything) I’m not a forgetful person at all so this was alarming for me

Migraines that were so bad I would vomit or need to sleep the entire day

Rashes-lots of them and all over my body and scalp

Food intolerances that would come and go

Inability to sleep through a night

Tremors and shaking to the point I thought I was having a seizure (extreme vitamin deficiency can cause muscle spasms and this type of issue)

Muscle spasms and extreme muscle cramping 
To the point I thought I broke my foot once I couldn’t walk on it for a few days

To just name a few.

If you or someone you love is considering getting anything silicone or hormonal in your body know that it does come at a cost. It may not effect you today, maybe not in 4 years but it’s never guaranteed that your body will fight it and you’ll have zero complications...
I was a “lucky one” for 5 years.

Your body builds a wall called a capsule upon insertion to the body. This is to help PROTECT you from harm.

Beauty isn’t shoving plastic in places it doesn’t belong it’s how you carry yourself, love yourself and love others.

This also is not to shame anyone for getting them nor is it to tell women what to do and to not get them. Your decisions are your own. Who knows had I been educated about this I may still have been head strong and idiotic and still gotten them because I wanted them.

The point is the information should be wide spread for the ones who are ready to receive it.

Also prayers for the women who are explanting this week! Much love to everyone 💗